Best Beauty Products In Nigeria

The Best Beauty Products

It’s too easy to be overwhelmed by a large number of options when it comes to shopping for the best organic skin care products in Nigeria.

A quick search for organic skincare products for sensitive skin yields more than 700 results. You’ll find a selection of 440 different face washes at Ulta.

With new products continuously releasing and trends making waves every week, it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on in skincare.

You likely do not have the time (or energy, or desire) to scroll through the pages of eye creams until you find one that you really like.

And, you probably do not want to spend a ton of money testing all of them.

Luckily, the Beauty Nation team has compiled a lot of best organic cream in Nigeria over the last year. Now here are the best organic skin care products in Nigeria we find. Whether you’re looking for a serum that targets a specific skincare concern or just for some inspiration to upgrade your beauty routine, we’ve got you covered.

R&R Luxury – best organic cream in Nigeria

R & R Luxury - Best organic skin care products in Nigeria

R&R Luxury was founded in 2010 by Valerie Obaze, a beauty entrepreneur, after the birth of her first daughter, Rebecca-Rose (R&R).

As one of Nigeria’s first luxury natural beauty brands, Valerie Obaze has since created a range of award-winning beauty formulations after starting the brand 8 years ago, mixing and developing handmade formulas in her home kitchen.

R&R is a luxury beauty brand founded on the philosophy of transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts, shea, into the most enriching beauty products.

The brand has grown organically to produce a wide range of 100% natural beauty products and body care products such as body oils and soaps, scented candles and other essential oils.

Arami – best skin care products

Arami - Best organic skin care products in Nigeria

Arami is a Nigerian skincare brand that has been created to provide the essentials for a simple, easy-to-use routine. The company founded on two major beliefs–your skin doesn’t need expensive products to flourish and that natural ingredients are the best.

Arami is great because of its emphasis placed on natural, raw, local ingredients that are skin-friendly. Their Glow Oll and their Rose Water Toner’ Elixir’ are must-have beauties.

Ajali – Best organic skin care products in Nigeria

Ajali - Best organic skin care products in Nigeria

Nigeria’s beauty industry is thriving with a multitude of brands creating natural and viable beauty products. Ajali is an all-natural, entirely handmade cosmetics brand established in 2013 to promote the local industry and raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle.

Ajali’s full range is 100% natural, preservative-free and carefully hand-made in Nigeria. Their products are suitable for everyone and open a very important discussion about social responsibility in the Nigeria beauty industry.

The Skin Apothecary – organic skin care products

The Skin Apothecary, founded by beauty expert Naomi Umunna, is a Nigerian-based skincare brand dedicated to creating excellent products utilizing raw and natural ingredients. Their liquid black soap is a bestseller due to its proven medicinal benefits. Their Lightweight soap helps to heal skin problems, clear the complexion and improve the overall skin conditions.

A rich mixture of effective ingredients in black soap makes it, quite literally, liquid gold, a testament to the quality that Skin Apothecary puts in every single product. If you’re looking for something special, try the whipped Bubblelegum shea butter, fun and luxurious treat for your skin.

Nuban Beauty – best organic skin care products in Lagos

Nuban Beauty -  best organic skin care products in Lagos

The Indigenous Beauty brand, Nuban Beauty, was established by the super-MUA Jane Ogu from Flawless Faces by Jane and Stella Ndekile, a Lagos-based Medical Laboratory Scientist and a part-time makeup artist. According to the duo, Nuban Beauty was born out of a’ great passion for makeup & beauty and the need to deliver high-quality makeup products with an international standard for African makeup lovers.’

The brand is dedicated to giving you the best of makeup and beauty, with a major focus on providing quality and affordable makeup products designed specifically for African women.

Many makeup artists have been thrilled by the quality of their beauty blenders, which rival their international counterparts, and the presence of the brand is a huge leap forward for homegrown beauty brands.

Zaron – best skin care products in nigeria

Zaron - best skin care products in nigeria

Zaron was launched in the United Kingdom and is now one of the world’s leading brands of cosmetics for women of color. Supplies a range of cosmetic products carefully formulated to suit a variety of colorful women and their different skin types.

Zaron products are manufactured based on the most recent international standards in an environmentally friendly way to ensure consistency, quality and value for consumers in ways that enhance physical beauty, generate inner satisfaction and self-esteem. Currently, Zaron has provided the blueprint to many Nigerian beauty brands and is still one of the most respected and popular brands to date.

YouSkin Beauty – top organic skin care brands in Nigeria

YouSkin Beauty -  top organic skin care brands in Nigeria

YouSkin Beauty is a relatively new beauty brand that is revolutionizing Nigeria’s beauty game with an effective range of toners, cleaners and acids. Established by the beauty of Youtopia, YouSkin is dedicated to restoring your skin back to its element.

Their Vitamin C cleaner is a game-changer. With ingredients including rosehip oil, vitamin C, aloe vera and liquorice root extract, the cleanser boosts the production of collagen to give you firmer, more plump skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. We can’t resist this anti-aging product!

Modara Naturals

Modara Naturals

Modara Naturals is a natural skincare company that uses the best ingredients of nature, in large quantities, to create natural baths, body and skin products for you and your family.

Modara naturals carefully craft their products by hand in small batches to maintain the quality and uniqueness of each blend, the last substance to be added is a large dose of love.

Inner Beautee

Best organic skin care products in Nigeria

Inner Beautee’s slogan is “feel good, look good,” Inner Beautee works hard to provide African-inspired natural, organic, fair-traded and traceable quality bath, hair and skin care products.

All ingredients are free of parabens, vegan and baby-friendly, not tested on animals and packed in 100% recyclable materials.

Natural Nigerian – hair and skin care products made in Nigeria.

Natural Nigerian was established by a woman whose love for her culture led her to make the most of everything in the health and beauty department, such as soaps, creams, lotions, etc. Natural Nigerian, as the name suggests, is a proud Nigerian initiative that encourages WELLthy life.

All Natural Nigerian products are manufactured and packaged in Nigeria by Nigerians. When you need reliable hair and skin care products made in Nigeria.

Ovelly Naturals – best organic body cream in nigeria

Ovelly Naturals -  best organic body cream in nigeria

Ovelly Naturals is a boldly Nigerian natural skincare company born out of passion, research and a never-ending drive to help us: Africans (especially women) embrace, nourish and flaunt our natural skin tone.

They use sustainably sourced and high-quality natural ingredients to make products that are safe, natural, effective and affordable while maintaining a high level of hygiene and good production practice.

They strongly believe that our natural skin tone is beautiful and that what we need is the right care and nutrition to make it thrive.

Namaste Organics – Organic skin and hair care brand

Namaste Organics -  Organic skin and hair care brand

Namaste Organics is a proud Nigerian organic skin and hair care brand. Shea body butter, African black soaps, oils, scrubs, Aloe Vera and body polish are lovingly infused and crafted to protect and restore your skin to its natural and healthy state.

All Namaste Organics products are made to rehydrate, restore and repair your skin, making your skin look younger forever.

In conclusion

With the above brands, you can find Best organic skin care products in Nigeria you can start to apply for your skin. If you are looking for the best cream for dark skin in Nigeria or cream for fairness and glowing skin, the brand’s natural products are the best

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